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LME Clear

LME Clear delivers innovative clearing and settlement services for traded transactions. As clearing house for the London Metal Exchange (LME), LME Clear is the central counterparty (CCP) for all LME clearing members and their trading activity. It provides a financial guarantee to every traded contract.

Powered by cutting edge technology, LME Clear, is cost-efficient and EMIR compliant.

Key attributes

  • Real-time liability and collateral monitoring
  • Custom built, robust and resilient
  • Flexible and focused on continued improvement
  • Real-time position monitoring
  • Streamlined operational processes including options expiry and collateral management
  • Rationalised suite of daily reports including fees by trade and account.

LME Clear is the first clearing house tailored specifically to the metals market. As the clearing house for the LME, LME Clear understands the unique workings of this marketplace, and works closely with clearing members to deliver the particular tools and services they need.

LME Clear’s revolutionary clearing system, LMEmercury, allows members to monitor and assess the risk they are taking on in real time, reducing risk for all participants in the global metals market. The technology and processes that underpin LMEmercury have transformed the clearing industry. LME Clear has taken technology more commonly found in a high-volume, low-latency trading environment and applied it to the clearing business – transforming traditional end-of-day risk reporting into active, real-time risk management with robust systematic controls, alerts and monitoring.