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Index provider for scrap and rebar

 LME Ferrous

Index Provision – Legal disclaimer

McGraw-Hill Financial index pricing
After extensive analysis and consideration, we have selected McGraw Hill Financial Inc. to licence the reference index prices to The London Metal Exchange for our new cash-settled ferrous contracts. The selected index prices are TSI Turkish Imports HMS #1&2 80:20, CFR Iskenderun Port for scrap; and for rebar, Platts Rebar, FOB Turkey Port. We are confident that the benchmarks we have selected and the methodologies used are comprehensive, taking account of IOSCO standards, and are highly respected within the steel industry.

The "Platts Rebar, FOB Turkey Port Index“ and "TSI Turkish Imports HMS #1&2 80:20, CFR Iskenderun Port  Index“  are products of PLATTS a division of McGraw Hill Financial, Inc. (“MHFI”), and are licensed for use by The London Metal Exchange.  PLATTS and TSI are trademarks of MHFI and have been licensed for use by The London Metal Exchange. London Metal Exchange is a trademark of The London Metal Exchange.  LME Steel Rebar and LME Steel Scrap are not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by PLATTS, MHFI or their affiliates, and PLATTS, MHFI and their affiliates make no representation regarding LME Steel Rebar or LME Steel Scrap, nor do they have any liability for any errors or omissions in, or interruptions of, the Platts Rebar, FOB Turkey Port Index, the TSI Turkish Imports HMS #1&2 80:20, CFR Iskenderun Port Index, or the LME Steel Rebar or the LME Steel Scrap contracts.