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Cash-settled monthly futures contracts

LMEminis offer the market a simple way of investing in non-ferrous metals at a time of unprecedented global interest.

LMEminis are small-sized, cash settled monthly futures settled basis the LME's most liquid contracts:

A range of LMEminis price data is available free from the LME this includes:

  • LMEmini Monthly Settlement Prices -  Settlement of all Exchange LMEmini contracts is made only in cash on the relevant prompt date by reference to the Settlement price determined for that prompt date for the relevant parent contract.
  • LMEmini Evening Evaluations (Closing Prices) -  LMEmini closing prices are referenced from the parent contract. Evening Evaluations are established on the LME Ring at the close of the last trading session on each business day.

These prices are available, after registration, from the LME’s Free Data Service.

LMEminis pricing and trade data, including bids and offers, is also distributed live and on a 30 minute delayed basis via LMElive and licensed data providers.