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Production and consumption

First traded on LME: 1877
Current specification introduced: June 1989
World production: 383,500 tonnes per annum (2011)

Tin, like copper, was one of the first metals mined and its many qualities such as its shiny finish made it a highly sought after commodity. Today, its main uses include the production of solder and the tin plating of iron and steel products which provides an attractive finish. Tin is also used in the production of bronze, pewter and die-casting alloys and in modern engineering to make tungsten more machineable. .

World tin production 2011


Asia 83%
America 14%
Europe 3%
Africa 0%

Source: WBMS

Industry consumption 2011


Market Sector%
Solder 52
Tinplate 17
Chemicals 15
Brass & Bronze 5
Glass 2
Others 10

Source: ITRI-CRU,