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Gold clearing

We offer clearing facilitation services for the London OTC bullion markets, in partnership with LCH.Clearnet. Clearing maintains all the benefits of OTC trading, whilst providing post-trade security.

Why clear OTC gold?

  • Minimise systemic, counterparty and operational risk
  • Lower capital requirements
  • Benefit from margin offsetting and netting of payments.

Product details:

  • Priced in USD
  • With a minimum price fluctuation of USD 0.001 
  • A weight in multiples of 100 troy ounces 
  • With daily tenors (excluding London and New York bank holidays) up to a maximum of ten years
  • Settlement is by delivery of loco London unallocated gold.

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Access gold prices

Stay ahead of the curve. Get access to gold closing spot prices and forward curves via the London Metal Exchange.

We publish gold forward rates and spot prices daily at 17.00 UK time. These rates and prices are provided by LBMA key gold market makers and can be used for valuing end-of-day positions. This data consists of the LBMA Gold Forward Curve and the LBMA Gold IRS Curve.

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The full LBMA data set is available via the LME's established network of vendors.

Stay ahead of the curve – access price data via our global network of data vendors