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Stock movement report

The daily warehouse stock figures from approved warehouses are published at 09.00 each morning (London time) via our network of licenced data distributors. Figures are based on LMEsword data as of 16.30 the previous business day. Stock movements are reflective of the physical supply and demand of the market. 

The daily stock report provides:  

Closing stock levels are compiled by  the LME as of 16.30 each day. They are available via real time data services at 9.00 on the folllowing day and at 09.00 the subsequent day as Opening Stocks.

The date of the Official Opening Stocks displayed on this website refers to the date that the value is evaluated by the LME, rather than the date the information is published to the market via real-time data distributors.

This data is important for LME Lending Guidance.