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Notices for the last six months can be found in the list below. For notices published before this period please use our site search.

The full database of member notices is available online via Lexis Nexis.


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  • 15/268: A261
    - This notice details the listing of a warehouse in Busan.
    All members

  • 15/264: A257
    - This Notice confirms the introduction of the Exchange’s market making programmes for copper, aluminium and zinc, and includes the relevant criteria for qualification, the commencement date, the relevant rebates, the pre-application and application process, the rebate process and certain other information.
    All members, Board of Directors

  • 15/263: A256
    - This Notice confirms the introduction of incentive programmes for the London Metal Exchange’s (“LME” or the “Exchange”) new products, which are set to launch on 23 November 2015: aluminium premium contracts, steel scrap contracts and steel rebar contracts (together, the “New Products”).
    All members, Board of Directors

  • 15/262: R004
    - The version of the Rulebook circulated in Notice 15/241 : R003 inadvertently omitted certain changes to Regulation 11.7 and Regulation 11.10.1 of Part 3 of the Rulebook which had previously been announced by Notice 14/374 : R024. This Notice attaches a fully up-to-date version of the Rulebook with those changes included.
    All members

  • 15/261: A255
    - Listing of warehouse
    All members

  • 15/260: A254
    - Listing of warehouse
    All members

  • 15/259: A252
    - Listing of warehouse
    All members

  • 15/258: A252
    - Listing of warehouses
    All members

  • 15/257: AA251: WA251
    - This Notice provides details of the new Premium Aluminium and Steel contracts, and the testing dates and environments that will be made available to members and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).
    All members, Warehouse companies and their London agents

  • 15/256: A250
    - This is a notice advising that Mr G Hicks of E D & F Man Capital Markets Limited has been fined for a dealing offence on the Ring.
    Category 1 members