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Notices for the last six months can be found in the list below. For notices published before this period please use our site search.

The full database of member notices is available online via Lexis Nexis.


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  • 16/365: A358
    - This Notice invites Members and other interested parties to submit their comments on five proposed changes to the current methodology for reporting of both Futures and Traded Options. These changes are intended to strengthen and enhance the procedure of reporting Traded Options market data, to encourage the growth of the Traded Options market more generally, and to deliver a consistent approach to the real-time reporting of transactions for both Futures and Traded Options (the “Proposals”).
    All members

  • 16/364: A357
    - Please note that with immediate effect the address for Independent Commodities Logistics B.V. will be as detailed on the notice.
    All members

  • 16/363: A356
    - This notice details the listing of three warehouses in Port Klang.
    All members

  • 16/362: A355
    - This notice details the delisting of a storage facility in Ravenna.
    All members

  • 16/361: A354
    - The Exchange is seeking the views of its Members in relation to proposed changes to the LME Rulebook and to the matching rules
    All members

  • 16/359: A352
    - This Notice: (i) confirms the expiry of the existing liquidity provider (“LP”) incentive programmes for the steel scrap, steel rebar and aluminium premium contracts (the “New Products”) that launched on 23 November 2015; and (ii) notifies relevant parties of the Exchange’s intention to launch new LP programmes for the steel scrap and steel rebar contracts (the “Ferrous Contracts”), aimed specifically at the physical market, as well as renewed market making (“MM”) programmes for the Ferrous Contracts, all proposed to be launched (subject to regulatory approval) in January 2017.
    All members

  • 16/358: A351
    - The LME Board has re-appointed Mrs Rosalind Wright CB QC as the LME Complaints Commissioner with effect from 1 December 2016. The LME has also made some minor, administrative changes to the Complaints Procedure.
    All members

  • 16/356: A439
    - This Notice confirms the termination of certain of the LME’s current market making programmes following the expiry of their original term, and notifies the market that a decision on the potential restarting of such programmes will be taken following the conclusion of the Exchange’s current review of its suite of incentive programmes.
    All members

  • 16/355: A348
    - The purpose of this notice is to inform the members that the reservations for tables at the LME Asia Dinner are now open.
    All members

  • 16/348: A341
    - Confirmation that the LME has been approved by the CFTC as a Foreign Board of Trade
    All members