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Notices for the last six months can be found in the list below. For notices published before this period please use our site search.

The full database of member notices is available online via Lexis Nexis.


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  • 16/312: A306
    All members

  • 16/314: A308
    - This notice details the listing of two warehouses in Busan.
    All members

  • 16/313: A307
    - This notice details the listing of three warehouses in Port Klang.
    All members

  • 16 311: AA305
    - This notice records the settlement of a disciplinary action brought by the Exchange against Mitsui Bussan Commodities Ltd (“MBU”).
    All members

  • 16/308: AA302
    - 1. On 9 August 2016, the London Metal Exchange (LME), together with the World Gold Council and key market participants, announced their intention to launch LMEprecious, which would offer a suite of exchange-traded and centrally-cleared precious metals products. 2. This notice provides details of a series of workshops to be held in October 2016, hosted jointly by LME and LME Clear (LMEC), at which further details will be provided regarding the operational aspects of LMEprecious. 3. Members, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and firms that have expressed an interest in participating in LMEprecious, are invited to attend these workshops, and should register their interest as detailed in section 8 below.
    All members

  • 16 310: A304
    - This Notice sets out, in relation to banking holidays for Pounds Sterling, US Dollars, Japanese Yen and the Euro, the valid and non-valid Prompt Dates, as well as the LME Business Days and non-LME Business Days, for the remainder of 2016 and up to and including 2027.
    All members

  • 16 309: A303
    - This Notice reminds members of the non-Business Days for the remainder of 2016, and advises those non-Business Days for 2017, when the LME will be closed.
    All members

  • 16/304: A298
    - Delisting of warehouse
    All members

  • 16/306: A300
    - This notice details the listing of a warehouse in Busan.
    All members

  • 16/305: A299
    - This notice records the settlement of a disciplinary action brought by the Exchange against Worldwide Warehouse Solutions UK Ltd (“WWS”).
    All members, Warehouse companies and their London agents