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Notices for the last six months can be found here.

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  • 14/130: A126
    - Please find attached the schedule showing details of LME warranted stock by source of origin, as at 31 March, along with similar schedules for the previous years.
    All members

  • 14/129: A125
    - Listing of warehouse in Johor
    All members

  • 14/128: A124
    - In accordance with Regulation 11.52 of Part 2 of the LME Rulebook, the London Metal Exchange (LME) is pleased to announce that Julian Lew QC has been elected as a Member of the LME Appeal Panel with effect from 09 April 2014 for a five year term.
    All members

  • 14/124: A120
    - Delisting of warehouse
    All members

  • 14/122: A118
    - This is a notice advising that Mr P Mason of Société Générale has been fined for a dealing offence on the Ring.
    Category 1 members

  • 14/123: A119
    - Delisting of warehouse
    All members

  • 14/121: A117: W117
    - This notice, with two appendices, provides updates on the LME’s warehouse and physical network reforms
    All members, Warehouse companies and their London agents

  • 14/120: AA116
    - This notice refers to the listing of a warehouse in Owensboro.
    All members

  • 14/119: A115
    - This notice details the listing of a Warehouse Company in Detroit.
    All members

  • 14/117: A113
    - Delisting of warehouse in New Orleans
    All members