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Notices for the last six months can be found here.

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  • 288: A280: W280
    - Please note that, pursuant to notice 14/263: A256: W129 of 4 September 2014, the undermentioned has been approved for membership of The London Metal Exchange. Associate trade – category 5 Enmetco LLC
    All members, Warehouse companies and their London agents

  • 14/287: A279: W279
    - The Exchange has approved the listing of the brand MTW, which constitutes good delivery against the LME’s NASAAC with immediate effect.
    All members, Warehouse companies and their London agents, Samplers and assayers

  • 14 286: A278
    - This notice refers to the listing of a warehouse company in Rotterdam.
    All members

  • 14 285: A277
    - This notice advises when the Exchange is closed for the remainder of 2014 and for 2015 including the trading hours for the Ring, LMEselect and LMEsmart over each respective Christmas and New Year period.
    All members

  • 14 284: A276
    - This is a notice advising members of non-valid Prompt Dates and banking holidays for clearing currencies out to and including 2025.
    All members

  • 14/283: A275
    - LME Clear was authorised as a Central Counterparty by ESMA on 3 September 2014.
    All members

  • 14 282: A274: W274
    - Further to LME Notice 14/183 , the last date for putting Copper Grade A brand on LME warrant was 12 September 2014. As there are no longer any stocks, this brand is delisted with immediate effect.
    All members, All members, Samplers and assayers, Warehouse companies and their London agents

  • 14/281: A273
    - Delisting of warehouses
    All members

  • 14 280: A272: W272
    - Please note that the Exchange has been notified that the Ring dealing member (category 1) Nwedge UK Financial Limited has changed its name to Societe Generale Newedge UK Limited
    All members, Warehouse companies and their London agents

  • 14 279: A271
    - Change of name of warehouses
    All members