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Wallboard distribution

The LME has formulated a policy on distribution of LME data by wallboard. Such distribution is permitted provided that the operator of the wallboard(s) has entered into a separate agreement with the LME. The operator of the wallboard(s) should report to the LME each month the number of wallboards it operates.

The fees for wallboard distribution are an annual license fee of £9,000 and monthly fees per wallboard of £150. The wallboard distribution license relates solely to LME data and not LBMA data. LME data may not be published in real-time: it must be subject to a 15 minute delay.

In addition, wallboards may only be located in venues where admission is controlled by a security pass or subject to other restrictions on access; a wallboard displaying LME data may not be located in areas where it is viewable by the general public. Please contact  

Derived data distribution

Customers who would like to receive LME data for the purpose of manipulating it or combining it with other data in order to create derived information or a derived product, such as an index, are subject to a separate agreement. Please contact