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Historical data

The London Metal Exchange has historical LME prices and other data for all contracts traded on the Exchange. This data is available for research and market analysis.

For previous years, you can purchase the following data on the Online Store:

The Online Store

Your data purchases will be emailed/posted to you only on receipt of full payment for your order.
Payment can be made online by credit card through the online store, or the shop will generate an electronic invoice which can be paid offline by cheque or bank transfer. We aim to deliver your data within 3 working days of receipt of payment and can send it in spreadsheet format either by email or hard copy to your postal address. To expedite delivery we recommend payment by credit card.

Data charges

  • Standard data types are charged at £40 per year/LME contract/data type for the first 5 items of your order. Thereafter each item is charged at £25 per data type/LME contract/year.
  • Non-standard data types (closing prices and options volatilities) are priced at £250 per year/contract. There are no discounts applied for multiple items purchased.

"Standard Data Types" are all data types excluding options volatilities and closing prices
"Non-standard Data Types" are LME closing prices (evening evaluations) and options volatilities
"LME Contract" is any metal or index traded / previously traded on the Exchange.
"Year" is a full calendar year's data or any part of that year.

Example historical data request

A request for official prices and volumes for 4 metals for 2000 to 2003 will cost:
2 data types x 4 metals x 4 years = 32 items
Therefore, the price charged will be (£40 x 5 items) + (*£25 x 27 items) = £875
*The first 5 items of the order will be charged at £40 each, the remaining 27 items will be charged at the discounted rate of £25 each.

Customers will be asked to pay by credit/debit card or bank transfer before the data is compiled and dispatched by the LME.

If you have any questions regarding data availability or the price you will be charged please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)20 7264 5555 between the hours 0900 -1800 (London time) or via email.