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LME Closing Price

Each of the reference prices published by the Exchange is derived directly from trading and provide transparent pricing for the global metals market.

What is the LME Closing Price and how is it calculated?

The LME Closing Price (also known as the Evening Evaluation) is determined by the LME Quotations Committee with regard to the close of open-outcry (Kerb) trading on the Ring as well as trades, bids and offers (including indicative bids and offers) transacted throughout the whole day.

How is it used?

Used by LME Clear and LME members for calculating margins.

Prompt dates:

All prompt dates

When is it published?

LME Provisional Closing Prices from: 16:35
LME Closing Prices from: 17:50 (USD) 18:15 (JPY, GBP AND EUR)