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Key compliance notices

The LME has published the key member notices that contain detailed rules in relation to regulatory and compliance matters. These notices should be considered in conjunction with the LME rulebook.

The full database of member notices is available online via Lexis Nexis.

Rules Powers & Functions

Lending guidance

11/293 : A286: R008 Explanation of Metal Lending Guidance
08/034 : A032 : R005 Suspension of Five-Day Rule
98/363 : A351 : W072  Market Aberrations: The Way Forward
[October 1998] Market Aberrations: The Way Forward

Options strike price gradations

Ring Disciplinary Code

Ref Title
07/185 : A180 Ring Disciplinary Code

Access to Audio and Video Tapes

14/055 : A053 Access to Audio and Video Recordings


Ref Title
10/131 : A126 LMEsword – Operating Procedures

Complaints procedures

Ref Title
 15/289 : A281             LME Complaints Officer
 15/240 : A235 : W087    LME Complaints Procedures
 01/492 : A492 : W83  LME Complaints Procedure