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LME rulebook - full version Rulebook

Updates to the LME rulebook

Release No 78 (March 2014) is now available

Release No.78 

Contains all sections (part 1-11) of the LME rules and regulations.

Sections of the rulebook are available below:

Part 1

Definitions and general rules
Defines terms used throughout the LME's rules and regulations.

Part 2

Membership, enforcement and discipline
Details of the membership requirements and ongoing obligations.

Part 3

Trading regulations
Details of the LME trading regulations including Lending Guidance, matching, settlement and prompt dates.

Part 4

Contract regulations
Deals with the status of parties, client contracts, settlement, delivery, warrants and disputes etc.

Part 5

5a - Metal options regulations
Deals with the permitted options, declaration, effect of declaration, premiums and price information.

5b - Traded Average Price Options regulations
Deals with permitted TAPOs, declaration, premiums and price information.

5c - Index Options regulations
Deals with the Index options.

Part 6

Special contract rules for metals 
Contains the special contract rules for all the metals traded on the Exchange.

6a - Special contract rules for the construction of the Index
Outlines the special contract rules for the construction of the Index.

6b - Special contract rules for LMEmini contracts
Contains the LMEmini futures contract specification.

Part 7

Requirements for the listing of brands
Outlines the brand listing requirements.

Part 8

LME arbitration regulations
Details of the arbitration service regulations.

Part 9

Default regulations
Details on events of default, proceedings, notification and procedures etc.

Part 10

LMEsword regulations
Details of the LMEsword operating procedures, LMEsword regulations and warrants.

Part 11

Average price swap regulations
Details of the relationship with trading regulations, permitted average price swaps, cash settlement fee and price information.

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  2. LME-approved samplers and assayers
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