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LME fees are set annually by the Exchange and agreed by its Board. All fees are standard across membership category or service and apply only to LME members and users of LME systems. Fees charged by LME members to clients are subject to normal commercial negotiation.

These fees are effective from 1 January 2015.

Subscriptions and facilitation fees

The following annual membership fees apply:

Membership category Fees (USD)
Ring dealing members 95,000
Associate broker clearing members 90,000
Associate trade clearing members 30,000
Associate broker members 75,000
Associate trade members 4,000
Individual members 500
Honourary members


Companies considering obtaining LME membership should review the membership requirements and process for becoming a member.

Prices are all exclusive of any applicable VAT.

LME Clear will pass through all third party transaction fees to members at cost.

A complete listing of fees and levies is available. Fees and levies may be subject to VAT and other applicable taxes. For more information please contact us to discuss your enquiry.