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LME fees are set annually by the Exchange and agreed by its Board. All fees are standard across membership category or service and apply only to LME members and users of LME systems. Fees charged by LME members to clients are subject to normal commercial negotiation.

These fees are effective until 31 December 2014. LME has announced a new fee schedule that comes into effect on 1 January 2015.

Listed warehouse and LME warranted metal charges

Fees and levies charged to LME approved and applicant warehouses.

Listing fees

Annual warehouse listing fee per warehouse company, per good delivery point $5,000
Listing fee for additional warehouse(s) $4,000

Stock Levy

A stock levy of 1.10% of the daily rent collectable on LME warrants.

This calculation will be the total reported tonnage (cancelled plus live warrants) on each day, multiplied by the published rent rate for each warehouse, multiplied by 1.10 per cent.

Stock levies are invoiced on a half-yearly basis.

A complete listing of fees and levies is available. Fees and levies may be subject to VAT and other applicable taxes. For more information please contact us to discuss your enquiry.