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Membership enhancements

The London Metal Exchange has a multi-tiered membership structure, offering several categories of membership with differing eligibility criteria and market access arrangements.

As part of a recent consultation, we are making some changes to our membership structure, broadening access to our electronic trading platform, LMEselect, alongside the introduction of additional flexibility in the authorised status required by applicants for membership.  These changes are designed to help maximise liquidity and participation on the LME.  They will also allow greater access to our markets for traders who wish to take advantage of our enhanced liquidity initiatives.

Access to LMEselect for Category 3 and 4 Members
Existing and new Category 3 and 4 Members will now have access to our electronic trading platform, LMEselect. This change will allow members in these categories to trade all LME contracts via the LMEselect system for the first time, opening up new trading opportunities and driving greater electronic volume. 

Increased flexibility in membership application criteria
We are altering the criteria required to become a member of the LME. Applicants who are not FCA-authorised, but who can benefit from applicable exemptions, can now apply for LME membership. Subject to providing certain specified information, this increased flexibility will allow greater access to our markets to a wider selection of participants, increasing liquidity and enhancing market opportunities for all. 

Membership criteria and capabilties
Our quick reference table gives an overview of the different levels of membership, the eligibility criteria and the capabilities of each level.

 Download the Membership Criteria and Capabilities table

The application process
Our Client Advisory and Membership Services Team will guide you through the membership application process, which is designed to be streamlined and efficient.

 View our application process