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LMEselect is our state-of-the-art electronic platform for the trading of all LME contracts. Available from 01.00 to 19.00, it offers a range of advanced features all tailored to the LME’s unique prompt date structure.

Low latency

The platform integrates with member trading platforms via a FIX API either from member sites or via proximity hosted data centres for the lowest latency trading strategies.

An advanced stand-alone 'GUI' is also available for low-volume trading or as a management console.

LMEselect's unique ‘high-availability’ design ensures real-time data integrity across two data centres and the highest levels of service availability and reliability. Members access the full range of LME trading services from their own information systems via secure high-speed networks.


Clients access LMEselect via member systems or member-sponsored ISV platforms. In the case of member systems, client traffic must pass through a member order-routing bridge and/or a pre-trade risk engine fully controlled by the sponsoring member’s compliance team.

Client traffic can also pass through an ISV pre-trade risk engine endorsed and controlled by the sponsoring member's compliance team.

Enquiries about trading through the Select API should in the first instance be directed to your trading member.

LMEselect data

A comprehensive set of trading data from our electronic platform is available via licensed data distributors.