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Ferrous latest news

 LME Ferrous

Find out below which events the LME Ferrous Team will be attending, and the latest news and notices for our ferrous suite.

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Where can you meet the Ferrous Team?

01 June 2017 LME Forum: Geneva, Switzerland
  19 June 2017     Platts Steel Markets Europe - Barcelona, Spain
26 -28 June 2017 Metal Bulletin AMM Steel Survival Strategies - New York, USA

LME Steel Scrap and LME Steel Rebar Monthly Report

Ferrous Monthly Report - April 2017 (pdf)

Ferrous Monthly Report - March 2017 (pdf)

Ferrous Monthly Report - February 2017 (pdf)

Ferrous Monthly Report - January 2017 (pdf)

Ferrous Monthly Report - December 2016 (pdf)

Ferrous Monthly Report - November 2016 (pdf)

Ferrous Monthly Report - October 2016 (pdf)

Ferrous Monthly Report - September 2016 (pdf)

Ferrous Monthly Report - August 2016 (pdf)


Ferrous Monthly Report - July 2016 (pdf)


Ferrous Monthly Report - June 2016 (pdf)

Ferrous Monthly Report - May 2016 (pdf)

Ferrous Monthly Report - April 2016 (pdf)

Ferrous Monthly Report - March 2016 (pdf)

Latest Notices and news

30 December 2016
Market makers selected for LME ferrous contracts

Arjun Capital ltd, Ferrometrics Partners and two other firms have been appointed as the latest market makers for the LME ferrous contracts.
15 December 2016
New tender process for LME ferrous market makers

Details of the latest market making programmes for LME Steel Scrap and LME Steel Rebar.
22 November 2016
Expiry of the new products liquidity provider incentive programmes

Expiry of Ferrous liquidity provider programme, and intention to announce re-tender in due course.
  2 August 2016
LME Market Making Programmes - new programmes for Ferrous contracts
Details of the market makers on the new market making programmes for LME Steel Scrap and LME Steel Rebar, and confirming the closure of the previous market making scheme.
  7 July 2016
LME Market  Making Programmes - New tender opening for Ferrous contracts
Launch of the tender process for the new market making programmes for LME Steel Scrap and LME Steel Rebar.
  23 December 2015
New LME Ferrous Electronic Market Makers
The selection of three further electronic market makers for the LME ferrous contacts after their successful tenders.

23 November 2015
LME announces successful launch of ferrous and premiums contracts
LME Steel Scrap, LME Steel Rebar and LME Aluminium Premiums become the first new contracts to be offered by the LME in more than five years.

  20 November 2015
Confirmation that LME Steel Scrap and LME Steel Rebar will launch on Monday 23 November 2015
This Notice confirms that the two new ferrous contracts will launch as planned and provides details of market makers for the new contracts.

27 October 2015
Ferrous Pricing Procedures
LME Notice 15/333: R006 sets out the procedures and methodology used to determine the ferrous daily and final prices


8 October 2015
Extension to deadlines for ferrous market making programmes
LME Notice 15/413: A306 extends the deadlines and timeframes for the market making programmes for LME Steel Scrap, LME Steel Rebar and LME Aluminium Premiums


22 September 2015
LME boosts Steel Committee wth four new members
The LME announces four new members appointed to the Steel Committee


20 August 2015
Fee schedules and incentive programmes for new products
LME Notice 15/263: A256 sets out the fees and new incentive programmes for the new steel scrap and rebar contracts, including market making and liquidity provider programmes.

  8 June 2015
New LME Products Update
LME Notice 15/175: A171 : W171 provides an update on the LME's new products including LME Steel Scrap and LME Steel Rebar which are set to launch in Q4 2015.