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Physical specifications

Primary aluminium physical specification


Primary aluminium with impurities no greater than the chemical composition of one of the registered designations:

  • P1020A in the North American and International Registration Record entitled “International Designations and Chemical Composition Limits for Unalloyed Aluminum” (revised March 2007)
  • Al99.70 in the GB/T 1196-2008 Standard entitled “Unalloyed aluminium ingots for remelting”

For warrants created up to and including 31 December 2009 primary aluminium of minimum 99.70% purity with maximum permissible iron content 0.20% and maximum permissible silicon content 0.10%.

Shape Ingots, t-bars, sows
Lot size 25 tonnes
Warrant 25 tonnes (with a tolerance of +/-2%)
Brands All aluminium deliverable against LME contracts must be of an LME-approved brand

All contracts are subject to LME rules and regulations.

Law / Regulation
English Law, with regulation by the LME and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This is a summary of the contract specifications. For full contract specification details, please refer to the LME Rulebook which details the complete rules and regulations of LME contracts.

LME contracts may only be offered or sold to United States foreign futures and options customers by firms registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), or firms who are permitted to solicit and accept money from foreign futures and options customers from trading on the LME pursuant to CFTC Rule 30.10.

In the case of unresolved disputes, arbitration is effected via the LME arbitration procedure, and/or by other body agreed by the parties.