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Daily stock reports play a major part in the assessment of prices quoted by market makers.

Real-time stock movement reports

The daily warehouse stock movement figures are compiled from approved warehouses into the Warehouse Stock Movement Report and published at 09.00 each morning (London time).  Stock movements are reflective of the physical supply and demand of the market. 

Delayed stock reports

A summary stock report providing the total amount of each of the non-ferrous metalsminor metals and steel billet is published on our website the following day.

Stock breakdown

Detailed stock breakdown reports for non-ferrous metals, minor metals and steel billet are also published the following day on the Free Data Service.

Historical stocks data

Both delayed and summary stock reports are available the remainder of the calendar year and can be accessed after a short, free registration process. Stocks data for periods earlier than the current year is available for purchase.

Monthly summary reports

Within the first seven business days of each month, a report summarising the total daily stock levels for each material is also published. This is available in Excel format below.

Historical data available for purchase

Please note that data published on the LME website is for the current calendar year. Data from previous years is available for purchase from the LME online store.