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Warehouse consultation

In November 2013, following a three-month market-wide consultation, the LME launched a warehouse reform package with twelve key elements.

Seven of these elements have already been implemented:

    1. Linked Load-In / Load-Out Rule (LILO)

The LME ran an additional market-wide consultation on the LILO Rule in March 2015. This consultation proposed an increase in the LILO decay factor and ran for four weeks.

    2. Separate steel load-out rate

    3. Per-warehouse queue length report 

    4. Commitments of traders report 

    5. Creation of the Physical Market Committee

    6. Specific powers for the LME to address behaviour that creates or maintains queues (clause 9.3.4– now clause 9.3.5 – of the Warehouse Agreement )

    7. Information barrier policy review

Following consultation, the following two items will be introduced on 1 June 2015:

    8. Amendments to LME policies and procedures resulting from an independent logistical review 

    9. Changes to the Warehousing Agreement following independent legal review

The following two items are subject to a discussion paper which closed on 2 May 2015:

    10. LME powers to cap or stop rent in queues

    11. LME powers to cap rents and FoT rates

The LME is grateful for all feedback received on the Discussion Paper, and will communicate next steps to the market in due course.

    12. The twelfth and final item in the reform package, premium contracts, will now be launched on 26 October 2015. 

All the changes outlined above are designed to address the need to ensure that the LME’s warehouse network fully serves the requirements of the global metals market.

Documents relating to the LME’s warehouse reforms can be found below. Should you have any questions related to the consultation, please contact us at

27-Apr-15 Increase in the decay factor under LILO

 Ref  Title
 15/142 : A138 : W044  Increase in decay factor under LILO

2-Mar-15 announcements

15/068 : A068 : W021 Update on LME physical network reform: which provides an overview of all progress so far on the twelve item reform package
15/069 : W022 Changes to the Warehouse Agreement: outlining the LME’s response to all feedback received on its consultation on changes to the Warehouse Agreement, and confirming all rule amendments
15/070 : A069 : W023 Amendments to the Policies and Procedures relating to the LME’s physical delivery network: outlining the LME’s response to all feedback received on its consultation on changes to the policies and procedures (including premium contracts, logistical review and separate load-out rate for aluminium alloys) and confirming all changes to be made
15/071 : A070 : W024 Consultation on proposed amendment to the decay factor in the Linked Load-In / Load-Out Rule
15/072 : A071 : W025 Discussion Paper relating to possible reforms on warehousing policy and physical delivery network
   Media presentation

Original Consultation Notice 1 Jul 13

13/208 :A201 : W076 Original Consultation Notice (1-Jul-13)