What is XML?

XML: Extensible Markup Language, is a textual data format widely used in web services and provides maximum flexibility for the transport and storage of information in a wide variety of structural formats.

How do I subscribe to the LME XML next day feed?

You can subscribe on the LME's Online Licensing Portal. The subscription process depends on whether you wish to distribute LME market data or use it only within your own organisation. Find out more

What are the technical requirements to access the LME XML next day feed?

You will need an internet connection to access the XML service, using a HTTPS request. The XML Feed Developer Guide outlines the requirements for accessing for the XML next day data feed.

What data is available on the LME XML next day feed?

The XML Feed Developer Guide contains details on all available data. The data included is sourced directly from the London Metal Exchange and includes daily reference prices, Forex rates and key reports including traded volumes and the warehouse stock movements report.

Do you offer a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial, however we do provide an XML Feed Developer Guide that describes the service in detail so new subscribers can review the XML format and develop integration solutions.

Do you provide support on how to understand XML?

XML is a popular encoding language widely used for its flexibility in electronic data dissemination by many web services, therefore, we do not provide support. However, there are many documents and seminars advertised throughout the internet where you can access additional support and training. Most web developers are familiar with this format.

The LME XML Feed Developer Guide will provide the information your developers will require to integrate the service with your systems.

What are the cancellation procedures once I have subscribed to the LME XML next day feed?

Once you have subscribed to the LME XML next day feed, your annual subscription will automatically renew on your current expiry date. You will have up to 30 days before your subscription renews to confirm if you would like to cancel.

What is the time delay of the next day data?

Subscribers will have access to the LME next day data feed at 00:10 UK time each day which will contain data for the previous trading day.

Do I need a license to distribute LME data within my company?

An LME data distributor license is not required as long as the data is used for internal purposes only and not sent to external parties or displayed on public websites. Find out more

Can I display LME next day data on my website?

You can display LME next day data once you have become a licensed LME data distributor. There is a one-off registration fee of $3,000. Find out more

How can I be licensed as an LME next day data distributor?

Please apply for a distribution license on the LME's Online Licensing Portal. Find out more

Do you provide training on how to understand LME data?

The LME has an education team who deliver seminars throughout the world. We also recommend you refer to the LME's online resources.

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