The LME Rulebook sets out the rules and regulations of the London Metal Exchange. It is separated into 13 parts and each part focuses on a specific area. 

Rulebook changes 

The London Metal Exchange (the “LME”) seeks the views of Members and other interested parties including users of LME prices, on certain proposals, including: (i) the proposal to continue to determine the Official Prices (and official Settlement Prices) on the basis of Ring-trading activity once the Ring reopens (the “Official Prices Proposal”), in circumstances where Closing Prices and Unofficial Closing Prices are to be determined electronically; (ii) the proposal to introduce a mechanism whereby, if certain criteria are met, the LME would be permitted to move Official Prices from being Ring-derived to being permanently electronically-derived without further consultation (the “Official Prices Criteria Proposal”); and (iii) various proposed consequential and implementation arrangements and amendments to the Rules and Regulations of the LME (the “Rulebook”), including amendments to give effect to the LME’s decisions to move Closing Prices and Unofficial Close Prices permanently to electronic determination and the proposal to introduce a new cross-Execution Venue pricing-related prohibited behaviour into Trading Regulation 14 (the “Consultation”). The Consultation will remain open for responses until 6:00pm (London time) on 9 July 2021. The Consultation is available here.

Updates to the LME Rulebook
Release No 114 of the LME Rulebook (March 2021) is now available.

Download the full LME Rulebook

The full LME Rulebook is available as one PDF document. 

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The LME Rulebook should be consulted in conjunction with LME Notices which form part of the regulations of the LME.

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