Members that already have access to LME services will be able to re-use existing network infrastructure and will only require firewall and routing changes.

We are more than happy to discuss connectivity with new LME Clear members.

Connectivity Guide

The LME Clear Connectivity Guide is available to members and ISVs by requesting additional access to the LME website. 

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The graphical user interface (GUI) is user friendly with up-to-date information about trades, positions, margins and collateral. Members can collect and generate reports.

Read the Member User Guide.

Fix 4.4 services

There are two FIX servers provided for members:

  • FSMEM – provides a stream of trade data generated as trade status changes
  • FSMD – provides trade and position snapshot functionality, provision of market data and business event notifications


Members also have the option of collecting reports and data files using secure file transfer protocol (SFTP).


All unencrypted data flow between members and LME systems must traverse either a secure VPN across the public Internet or the LME private WAN (wide area network); at no time will production data be transmitted across the public Internet in plain text.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) information

LME Clear has provided the option of provisioning VPN tunnels from both data centres to member sites as required. The service is available over the public Internet.

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LME Clear Fix specification (PDF)

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