Introduction to LME Warehousing and Physical Trading: One Day

This one-day introductory course will provide a comprehensive overview of the physical supply chain processes behind trading on the LME, covering LME-approved brands; the LME warehouse network; management of the flow of products and LME warrants.

The course can be attended separately or as part of the Introduction to the London Metal Exchange and Warehousing: Two Days programme.

We are now also offering our in-person training virtually. We have worked with Euromoney Learning to develop an online format delivering you the same opportunity to develop your knowledge on the LME and engage with our expert trainers.

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What will you learn?

  • Become familiar with LME terminology and contracts
  • Understand the uses of metals and how they are made
  • Deepen your knowledge of physical trading processes
  • Gain comprehensive insight into the LME warehousing system
  • Learn about LME warrants and their multiple uses
  • Get to grips with LME systems including LMEsword and LMEshield

Benefits for you:

This course will provide you with an understanding of the key services provided by the LME, specifically in relation to the physical trading of metals, the warehousing industry, and logistics areas of the supply chain. It will demonstrate how you can effectively use these services in your operations, as both theoretical and practical skills developed at this course can be applied in the workplace.

Benefits for your organisation:

Organisations will benefit from employees who have a clear understanding of how the LME supply chain functions and how the core services of the Exchange can benefit the company.

Our courses in Singapore are FTS Eligible - Financial Training Scheme for Singaporean citizens and PRs only.



  • What are metals and how are they made?
  • Review of the role and contracts of the LME
  • Pricing methodology
  • LME delivery, warehousing and LMEsword
  • Warehouse reforms
  • LME warrants, warrant withdrawal and inventory financing
  • Off-warrant commodity receipting with LMEshield
  • LME brand registration process
  • Contracts, INCO terms and documentation
  • Profit and loss of a physical trade
  • Management of the flow of products: shipping and import credit risk


None. It may be beneficial to attend the Introduction to the LME course as part of the 2-Day Introduction to the LME and Warehousing Course if you are not already familiar with the basic operations of the LME.