Our trainers have many years’ experience in the metals and financial industries. Usually former traders, exchange managers or users of the market, they also undergo a formal training programme to facilitate learning in the classroom.

Trainers impart knowledge and experience through visual and auditory presentations, which are then tested practically through workshops.

Find out more about our trainers' experience and expertise below.

Emma Jenkins

Emma Jenkins

Emma has a First Class Honours degree and gold medal in Mathematics from Trinity College, Dublin, and over 20 years of banking experience.

She commenced her banking career with Goldman Sachs and initially her roles were mathematically focussed and she worked as a quantitative analyst on swaps, interest rate options and FX desks implementing pricing and risk management models for traders, salespeople and risk managers. She became involved in commodity markets in the late 1990s when she joined Credit Suisse in Sydney as a marketer of structured gold derivative products. Shortly thereafter she transferred to the London office and was instrumental in the integration of the short-date flow and structured derivatives businesses.

At Credit Suisse, she developed her specialised commodity skills through vanilla and structured transactions on a physical and paper basis with the spectrum of participants in the metals markets, in both derivative and lending markets.

She subsequently moved to Macquarie Bank as a director specialising in precious and base metals derivatives sales. Her clients used both LME futures and OTC derivatives. She worked closely with the bank's base metals traders to determine how the bank would hedge exotic OTC derivatives with LME futures.

Areas of expertise:

  • Structuring commodity derivatives strategies to mitigate price risk
  • Valuation and risk analysis of derivatives
  • Communicating complex concepts in a straight forward, clear and effective manner.

Edric Koh

Edric Koh

Edric joined the LME in 2014 and is based in our Singapore office, where he is Head of Physical Market Sales in South East Asia and Oceania region. He has over 14 years of experience in commodity price risk management. Previously, he worked at Mizuho Bank and was responsible for marketing commodity derivatives and advising hedging strategies to corporate customers. Prior to that, he worked for a world-renowned airline, managing their jet fuel risk book.

Edric delivers our bespoke training courses in the Asia-Pacific region.


Areas of expertise:

  • Hedging and managing commodity price risk
  • Derivatives and financial markets
  • Effective presentation skills

Robert Fig

Robert Fig

Robert is a commodity risk management consultant. He comes with 38 years of experience in the commodity markets. From post-graduate studies in South Africa, he moved into mining and agricultural commodity research, then into a base metal marketing capacity at a number of institutions, most notably Scotia Capital. In 2004 working for Mittal Steel and later ArcelorMittal, he set up, centralised and ran their commodity risk management operation.

Robert has been consulted by various global, regional and academic institutions on commodity risk management. After joining the LME in 2011 Robert ran over 50 training courses, both highly bespoke and public. His latest venture makes Robert one of the most experienced commodity risk professionals in the field available to work with industrial companies in providing bespoke training. He has recently teamed up with The Metals Risk Team of David Waite, Michael Lockwood and Fred Demler three highly experienced members of the metal community.

A leader in best practice education for commodity risk management, he has been relied upon by the LME to provide their global bespoke training for senior decision makers at major mining, industrial and global institutions who rely upon the exchange. His simple, inclusive and engaging teaching methods have and continue to garner high praise from those he trains.

Areas of expertise:

  • identifying commodity risk for major corporates
  • strategies for managing price risk
  • significant experience in base, precious and ferrous metals.

Glen Chalkley

Glen Chalkley is Head of Technical Account Management Team at the London Metal Exchange.

Glen has over 26 years of LME experience having joined the Exchange in 1991, including spending two years at trading floor broker Sharps Pixley. He returned to the LME in 1994 as the Trading Floor Manager and was appointed Head of Electronic Operations in 2001 after successfully launching the LME's first electronic trading platform, LMEselect. He joined the business development and sales team in 2010, moving to his current role in 2017.

With an in-depth knowledge of key LME systems, he is responsible for technical account relationship management for new and existing members, clients, market data vendors and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) connecting to LMEselect (trading system), LMEsmart (matching system), LMEmercury (clearing system, LMEsword (warrants system) and all other external LME facing systems.

He still enjoys the buzz of watching LME open outcry trading and the history of how the LME has evolved since 1877.

Areas of expertise:

  • Base and precious metals trading on the LME's three trading venues
  • In-depth technical knowledge of LME systems and how to connect them
  • LME trading and clearing policies and regulations
  • General compliance, position limits and lending rules.

Yang Liu

Yang LiuYang Liu is the Head of China at the London Metal Exchange, responsible for further developing the Chinese market.

Having worked in brokerage and banks in the commodity sector for over 17 years, working closely with industrial background clients in the Asia Pacific region, Yang has well-rounded knowledge and expertise to help her clients to maximise potential in financing, hedging and trading.

Prior to joining the LME, Yang worked as Director of Standard Chartered Bank and Senior Account executive for Category 1 LME member such as Natixis and Sucden Financials, where she started her career in the LME open outcry (Ring).

She has Masters degree in Management & Finance from the University of Bath.


Areas of expertise:

  • Trading on the LME's three trading venues
  • Hedging, financing and warrants trading
  • Membership structures
  • OTC vs LME trading



加入LME之前,刘阳曾担任渣打银行金融市场部董事,法国外贸银行和苏克敦 等LME一级交易商的高级客户经理。是少数有在LME公开喊价交易大厅工作过的华人。







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