When: Tuesday 18 April 2023 - Thursday 20 April 2023

Where: London

Price: £2090 + VAT

Day 1

  • History, organisation and primary services of the LME
  • Pricing methodology
  • Introduction to hedging
  • Prompt date structure and other LME terminology
  • LME contracts
  • Warehousing and fundamentals of delivery
  • Understanding the role of an LME broker/dealer
  • Clearing and LME Clear
  • Regulation of the LME

Day 2

  • Overview of the LME market
  • Basic concepts, uses and benefits of hedging with futures
  • Introduction to risk and price volatility
  • Long, short, transactional, and strategic hedges
  • Costs of hedging
  • Carries
  • Using the right hedging instrument
  • Hedging with Monthly Average Futures
  • Hedging workshops

Day 3

  • Basic concepts, uses and benefits of hedging with an options contract
  • Options terminology
  • Put and call options
  • Risk implications and motives
  • Hedging futures vs. options
  • TAPOs
  • Options workshops
  • Option pricing
  • Hedging combinations
  • Zero cost strategies

Learning Outcomes

  • Become familiar with the LME's prompt date structure and trading procedures
  • Gain a full understanding of the LME's market terminology
  • Understand the benefits of the delivery process used by the LME
  • Gain and understanding of the role of LME Clear
  • Learn how to access the LME through member firms
  • Understand how effective price risk management can be achieved with LME services
  • Gain an understanding of the benefits of hedging with futures and options across all sectors of the industry

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