Date: Wednesday 6 April

Time: 10.00-11.00 BST 

Location: Virtual

Speakers: Nicole Hanson, Responsible Sourcing Manager and Yang Liu, Head of China Sales, London Metal Exchange


This webinar will be delivered in Mandarin Chinese, using simultaneous translation. 

LME品牌生产商需首次提交负责任采购报告,此报告提交日期于2022年6月30日截至。我们会在此研讨会中回答生产商、审计员和标准提出的遗留问题,包括如何完成途径 C 的危险信号评估、途径 B 的审计运作方式以及途径 A 的标准状态。此外,我们还会提供这些报告的提交方法。

研讨会开始前,贵公司如有任何问题,请发送至 responsiblesourcing@lme.com,以便我们在会上进行解答

In anticipation of the first responsible sourcing deadline on 30 June 2022, the LME is hosting a workshop to answer remaining questions from producers, auditors, and standards. We will cover our most frequently asked questions on filling out the Red Flag Assessment for Track C, how the audits are intended to work for Track B, and the status of Track A standards. We will also include how to submit compliance information. Ahead of the workshop, please send any questions your company has to responsiblesourcing@lme.com so we can be sure to include them.


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