Reports and data

The London Metal Exchange publishes, via, LMElive and a network of licensed vendors an extensive collection of reports and data. Data on tends to be published on a day-delayed basis whilst real and near-real time data is available via LMElive and our vendor network.

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Metal specific reports
Metals specific data and reports
Shows in page, day-delayed data summaries for each metal in the non-ferrous, ferrous, minor and precious metals suites.
Monthly Average Settlement Price
Monthly, per metal, average prices for cash, 3m, Dec 1, Dec 2, Dec 3 and Asian Reference Prices.
Monthly oveview
Monthly Overview report
Monthly snapshot of all-metals data including cash, 3m, volumes, market open interest and stock movements.
Open interest
Open interest
Two open interest reports are available. Exchange Open Interest (EOI) shows LME Clear member open positions, and Market Open Interest (MOI) shows all member and client open positions. 
Commitments of traders report (CoTR)
Weekly report detailing aggregate long and short positions of four pre-defined market participant types: 1) Investment Firms or Credit Institutions, 2) Investment Funds, 3) Other Financial Institutions and 4) Commercial Undertaking.
Futures banding
Futures banding
Two-day delayed, published daily. Futures banding shows the number of separate trading entities who hold significant long and short positions. Expressed across percentage bands per metal for M1, M2, M3. 
Warrant banding
Warrant bandings
Three reports which show the number of separate trading entities who hold a significant percentage of warrants and positions along the front of the curve (tom, cash and cash +1). Expressed across percentage bands per metal.
Real-time, monthly and yearly volumes. Shows aggregated and distinct trading volumes by metal, contract type and trading platform.
Historical data for cash-settled futures
Historical data for cash-settled futures
Historical closing prices, settlement prices, daily volumes and EOI data for the LME’s cash-settled futures contracts.
Historic data
Historic data
Non-current calendar year data, including prices, volumes, warehouse stocks and averages, available for purchase.
LME Clear report
LME Clear reports
Member-only and free-to air reports showing cleared volumes, SPAN files, CPMI IOSCO disclosures.
Warehouse and stock reports
Warehouse and stock reports
Summary and detailed reports showing opening and closing stocks, stock movements, wait times, cancelled and live warrants across locations and metals. 

Publication schedule
Table showing when reports and data are made available to the market, and on which channel, or data distributors.

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