Member reports

LME Clear provides a variety of reports to members. Intraday reports as well as mechanisms to export intraday data are available from the clearing graphical user interface (GUI).

In addition to the comprehensive set of member reports available via the GUI, LME Clear provides member data files via secure file transfer (SFTP). The detail of the data files is contained in the LME Clear data file specification.

LME Clear received significant feedback from members indicating that previous reports could be streamlined and provided electronically in a consolidated set of end of day (EOD) reports. LME Clear produces reports for trading activity, open positions, settlement, risk, expiry, fees and cash movement related activities. Further information is contained in the LME Clear end of day report specification.

All member clearing report production is complete by the end of the business day. Expiry reports are produced intraday after the expiry event as well as at the end of day. Member reports will be member specific and each will be dated and time stamped. The reports can be subscribed to in the following formats:

  • PDF
  • CSV
  • XML

Cleared volume reports

LME publishes a range of trading volume reports both during the business day via data distributors, as well as at the end of the month when summary reports are published on our website. A daily traded volume report is published by the close of business each business day for the previous business day.

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CPMI IOSCO Disclosure
LME Clear's response to the CPMI-IOSCO public quantitative disclosure.
Daily volume reports are available by close of business each business day for the previous business day.
Margin parameter files
Margin parameter files are published monthly and used by SPAN to calculate the initial margin.
Steel Rebar
SPAN files
SPAN parameter files are available on the website by close of business each business day for the previous business day.
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