LME Nickel TAS: Specifications

Parameter Definition
Underlying contract LME Nickel
Description  An LME TAS (trade-at-settlement) order type allows a trader to enter an order to buy or
sell a contract (during the course of the trading day) at a price that is equal to, or a number
of $1 ticks above or below the 3-month Closing Price
Tick size $1.00
Price band Initially, 25 ticks above and below zero
Lot size 6 metric tonnes
Underlying contract LME Nickel
Trading window 01:00 - 17:00

Fees $0.54 per lot, per leg, per side
Reference price LME Nickel 3-month Closing Price
Settlement type Into underlying 3-month LME Nickel future


LME Nickel contract specifications

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