Copycat and fraudulent websites

The LME requests that all individuals and organisations beware of rogue organisations falsely claiming to be associated with the LME.  From time to time, such rogue organisations use the LME’s registered trade marks including "The London Metal Exchange" and "LME" on their websites with the aim of falsely passing off their business as being affiliated with/linked to the LME. 

We also would advise caution when accessing rogue websites as we do not know where such websites are hosted from and whether they are safe to access from an IT security perspective.  Certain websites have attempted trick unknowing consumers into parting with their savings or trading on their platform, with a view to defrauding consumers.

We have also recently been made aware of NFTs masquerading as originating from the LME, or using the "London Metal Exchange" or "LME" names. The LME has not created and does not promote any NFTs, so please do not engage with any sites purporting to distribute NFTs in relation to the LME.

If you are the victim of such a fraud, or suspect someone of impersonating a representative of LME, please report the case to your local law enforcement agency.

Below, is a list of the rogue websites that the LME has been made aware of.  Please email: online@lme.com if you become aware of any other rogue websites:

Suspicious website url Date added
bitlme.top  20 December 2022
lmebytes.com  20 December 2022
bitlme.com  6 December 2022
http://lme-dex.com  28 November 2022
https://ex.lmevip.com/h5/#/  20 October 2022
https://www.lmexx.xyz  13 October 2022
www.lmebitpro.com  11 October 2022
https://lmetokenpro.com  7 October 2022
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPNiDVr5rZoshLZH1_qTAiQ/videos  22 September 2022
www.lmec.top?token=lmec 13 September 2022
www.lmesub.com  31 August 2022 
www.lmebits.com  30 August 2022 
www.lmeplus.com  25 August 2022 
www.lmewe.com  23 August 2022
www.lmebe.com  2 August 2022
lmebase.com  25 July 2022
https://www.lmexb.xyz  20 July 2022
lmecrypto.com  20 July 2022
https://www.lmexc.top?token=lmex  12 July 2022
lmeten[.]com  06 July 2022
https://www.lmeblock.com/  25 May 2022
https://regist.lmeotc.com  25 May 2022
www.lme-financial.com  20 May 2022
www.ybcbz.com  11 May 2022
592yb.com  29 April 2022
lme-partners.com  26 April 2022
lmecoin.com  25 April 2022
lmechain.com  12 April 2022
 17 March 2022
m.lme-enterprises.com  09 March 2022
lme123.com  02 March 2022
bebaka.com  02 March 2022
 02 March 2022
lme888.com  21 February 2022
lme666.com  21 February 2022
lme.enterprises  21 February 2022
lme.foundation  21 February 2022
lme.gold  21 February 2022
lme.show  21 February 2022
lme.369.com 16 February 2022

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