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We’ll be launching seven cash-settled futures on 11 March 2019. We've developed this new suite of products to specifically reflect global metals markets’ needs to help to reduce losses and protect against volatile prices.

Full details of index providers and contract specifications are set out below.

One further futures contract and two options contracts in this suite  of products will follow at a later date (subject to regulatory approval and rulebook consultation).

Aluminium suite

We’re introducing three new contracts expanding our offering to the aluminium supply chain, giving producers and consumers a transparent pricing solution for premiums and the alumina industry:

Index providers

Contract name  Price Reporting Agency  Index name 
LME Alumina (CRU/Fastmarkets MB)  CRU/Fastmarkets CRU Alumina Price Index/Fastmarkets MB Alumina Index FOB Bunbury Australia ($ per tonne)
LME Aluminium Premium Duty paid US Midwest (Platts) Platts Platts Aluminium Transaction Premium DDP US Midwest
LME Aluminium Premium Duty Unpaid European (Fastmarkets MB) Fastmarkets Fastmarkets MB Aluminium P1020A In-Warehouse Rotterdam Duty-Unpaid

Contact our Product Development Team for more details on these new aluminium products.

Electric vehicle battery metals

As part of our commitment to provide the electric vehicle industry with transparent pricing solutions in the coming years, we’ll be launching a new cash-settled contract for cobalt. This product will complement our existing physically-settled contract and give market participants greater choice:

Index provider

Contract name  Price Reporting Agency   Index name  
LME Cobalt (Fastmarkets MB) Fastmarkets Fastmarkets MB Cobalt Standard Grade free market $/tonne in warehouse 

We are also exploring additional risk management tools for the electric vehicles industry, in particular for lithium - visit our electric vehicles battery metals section for more information.

Get in touch for details on the new cobalt contract and our future plans in the electric vehicle battery space.


In an increasingly volatile market, to sit alongside our steel scrap and rebar contracts we’ll be launching two new hot-rolled coil (HRC) contracts in Q1:

We are also working to deliver a further HRC contract - LME Steel HRC N. Europe - in response to feedback from market participants.

Index providers

Contract name   Price Reporting Agency  Index name   
LME Steel HRC FOB China (Argus)  Argus Argus HRC FOB Tianjin China
LME Steel HRC N. America (Platts) Platts Platts TSI HRC US EXW Indiana

Our Product Development Team have more information on the ferrous suite, including the new contracts.

Minor metals

We’ve developed a cash-settled molybdenum contract, designed to provide the best on-exchange hedging solution for this market:

Index provider

Contract name    Price Reporting Agency Index name
LME Molybdenum (Platts) Platts Platts Molybdenum Oxide Daily Dealer (Global)

Precious metals

To complement our LMEprecious offering, introduced in July 2017, we’ll be launching two options contracts in due course:

  • LME Gold options
  • LME Silver options.

For more details on the new contracts speak to our Precious Metals Team.

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