The LME's Real Time Market Data feed (LMEselectMD) provides detailed, real-time, historic and summary reports of trading activity within LME for external data vendors and market participants.

The system is supported on a 24x5 basis and is fundamental to the operation of the LME and the market.

LMEsource, the new LME Market Data Platform

View the latest information on the new LME Market Data Platform, LMEsource.

LMEselect data direct

In response to user demand, market participants are now able to connect to LMEselect directly to receive a data-only feed.

The new access is of particular interest to clients using algorithmic trading strategies, as they can now trade with the benefit of lower-latency data access.

Orders placed by clients must still pass through approved ISVs or LME member infrastructure before connecting to LMEselect.

Clients of LME members are required to pass the LMEselect conformance test before connecting to LMEselect.

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