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General enquiries
London +44 (0)20 7113 8888
Singapore +65 (0)6535 5035

Ring visits
Requests to visit the trading floor (the Ring) from the general public and educational bodies unfortunately cannot be accommodated. LME members and groups associated with the metals industry are asked to enquire by email. Email icon
 Press contacts
Miriam Heywood, Head of Media Relations                                                                    Email icon

Queries relating to:
Benchmarks European Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) Email icon
Brands  Approved brands
Becoming an LME Listed Brand 
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Market Development  All existing LME metals contracts
Market maker programme
Liquidity roadmap
Buy side
Incentive programme  
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Education  LME courses  Email icon 
Events  LME events
LME Metals Seminar
LME Week Asia 
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LME Clear  Clearing
Becoming a clearing member
LMEmercury operations
Option Expiry (PDF)

Visit the LME Clear contact page for further contact information.            
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LMEnet Ordering new lines
General queries
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Pricing and market data LMElive
Data usage
Historical data
XML data feed
Licensing market data 
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Pricing and market data  Data usage licensing  Email icon 
Market Surveillance  Position reporting
Lending guidance
Position limits
Open interest
Commitment of traders reports  
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LME & LME Clear Member and ISV trading support  Day-to-day trading activities on the Ring and LMEselect, including connectivity questions regarding these activities.  Email icon 
LME & LME Clear Member post-trading support Day-to-day activities on LMEsmart, LMEsword, and LMEshield.
Trade matching and registration  
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Membership  Becoming a member
Fee queries
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New products
Ferrous Email icon
New products  LME Aluminium Premiums Email icon 
New products  LME Shield  Email icon 
New products  Precious metals  Email icon 
Warehousing Warehouse locations
Becoming an approved warehouse 
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Website  Login
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Further contact information is available for LME Members on our useful contacts page.