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In December 2012 The London Metal Exchange was acquired by Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Limited.

Metal specific reports
LME Committees are an integral and unique part of the way the LME operates. Each is a sub-committee of the Board and reports to it directly or through the Executive Committee (EXCOM).
Business continuity
The LME’s Business Continuity Team has worked hard to put robust processes in place to deal with any disruptions to the smooth day-to-day running of our business.
Monthly oveview
London Metal Exchange
The objective of The London Metal Exchange is to provide facilities, along with the management and regulatory structure, for trading in LME contracts.
Open interest
LME Holdings
On 6 December 2012 LME Holdings Limited became a member of the HKEx Group and is the sole shareholder of The London Metal Exchange.
Futures banding
Share structure
The London Metal Exchange is a wholly owned subsidiary of LME Holdings Limited. LME Holdings Limited has two classes of share: Ordinary shares and B shares.
Tax strategy
The LME, LMEC, LME Holdings and HKEX Investments UK Tax Strategy is designed to communicate our approach to tax.
LME Gender Pay Gap Report
Our gender pay gap information and details of our action plan to introduce practical solutions.
Financial statements
Financial statements for The London Metal Exchange.

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