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LME Holdings Limited Share Information  

The London Metal Exchange is a wholly owned subsidiary of LME Holdings Limited. LME Holdings Limited has two classes of share: Ordinary shares and B shares. 

Category 1 and 2 members of the Exchange are required to hold a minimum of 25,000 B shares. Each Category 3 member is required to hold a minimum of 5,000 B shares and each Category 4 member is required to hold a minimum of 2,500 B shares. Category 5 members are not required to hold B shares. 

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Under its Articles of Association, B shares in LME Holdings Limited are freely transferable to any person, not just actual or proposed category 1, 2, 3 or 4 members, however B share transfers are subject to Board approval. It would be expected that transfers of B Shares would take place between prospective and/or existing members. 

A list of the current B Shareholders is available.

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