Cookie policy

What are cookies?
When you visit a website, your browser downloads and stores small pieces of data in text files. This data serves as a record of your visit to that site and make some functions of the website possible. Logging in, switching language preferences, using online “shopping baskets” and personalizing a webpage are all possible because of cookies. They also enable websites to see how you use the site so that improvements can be made.

Cookies on the LME website
The LME uses cookies for the following reasons.

Shop basket – This allows you to select items from our online shop to purchase. The cookie saves the information on your selected items in the “shopping basket” so that you can continue browsing. When you have finished, you can go to the “checkout” and the information from your “basket” can be recalled. (shopperID)

User IDs – We use this to allow you to log into the site. The cookie remembers your status so that when you navigate across, the site knows whether or not to show you restricted content. (LmeLogin, .ASPXANONYMOUS)

Analytics – These let us know what pages have been looked at and how the site is used. We use this information to determine ways to improve the site and deliver better content. (_utma, _utma, _utmc, _utmv, _utmz, PHPSESSID)

Language – We use this to store your language preference. If you have switched to an alternative language, these cookies remember that preference and allow us to know what language content to show you. (__language, shell#lang)

What if you don’t want cookies?
If you want to manage what cookies your browser stores, there are a few options.

  1. You can delete any cookies – Different browsers have different ways to do this. Some of them feature a “private” setting that deletes cookies at the end of your session. You can also manually delete cookies using the browser’s tool section. To find out how to do this in your browser, try here or search online for “delete cookies in (specific browser)”.
  2. You can disable cookies – By telling your browser what cookies you want to receive, you can limit which ones are stored for a session. To find out how this works in your browser visit here or search online.

Cookies on other LME systems
Cookies are used in other web based systems operated by the LME. For these services to work correctly, part of their terms and conditions of use require the relevant cookies to be accepted and/or stored.