Member/ISV Testing

Welcome to the LME MiFID II Member Testing and Conformance (MT) webpage. These pages will be updated on a regular basis between now and the completion of member testing.

Please ensure you visit this page before contacting us as it will contain up to date information such as current test environment availability, issues/FAQs, documentation, timelines and other related important updates.  You can raise an issue/query by emailing the MiFID II testing team. This will trigger a process, which is detailed in the "New issues" section under the "contact us" tab below. This tab also contains relevant contact details for the support teams relating to MiFID II.

Documentation can be found in the "resources" section below. Conformance is mandatory and can be found in the "conformance" section below.


Members will have access to UDG (PII and Position Reporting) and TIF’s in Member Test A via SFTP.  

Members wishing to test PII, Positions Reporting and TIF retrieval should request their Exchange SFTP logins as soon as possible (this is different to your LME Clearing SFTP login)

Please note the following:

  • Login details will be sent out on request - please email
  • Members/Vendors/ISV’s who connect over the internet are reminded to provide the LME with their IP ranges for whitelisting
  • Non-members can request public access and should connect via the public IP address provided in the email sent with your credentials
  • Members who connect over LMEnet do not need to be whitelisted as this is a trusted connection
  • Please ensure your firewalls are configured to allow access to our IP address on the correct port
  • Member connectivity details can be found in the LME Connectivity Guide where the relevant details can be found under Member Test A LME – SFTP (UDG)
  • PII submission - No actual personal data should be used in member test environments
  • Please ensure your SFTP client is configured to limit simultaneous connections to a maximum of 1(one).  Multiple simultaneous connections are not supported.
  • UDG is configured to poll for submissions (inbound) every 30 seconds.
  • Testing will take place on Environment Member Test A. Full connectivity details can be found in the member section of the LME website.
  • End to end testing will be available between 25-Sep – 30-Nov
  • LMEmercury R5 will be available for early visibility from 25-Sep and members will be able to look at new functionality, screens and test options expiry (4-Oct) alongside the current versions of LMEselect and LMEsmart. Member testing upgrades are in the planning stage.
Application  Start Testing End Date Live
 25 Sep 24 Nov  27 Nov
LMEwire  9 Oct 27 Oct  30 Oct
 25 Sep 10 Nov  13 Nov
16 Oct 24 Nov  27 Nov
UDG  27 Oct 30 Nov  4 Dec
TIF/ISIN  09 Oct 17 Nov   27 Nov

Member testing and conformance timeline

  • Environments will be available from 07:00 – 20:30 (UK time)
  • Hours of support will be from 08:00 – 18:00 (UK time)
  • Pre-planned environment down time will be scheduled for changes/patches (if required). This will be every Thursday morning throughout the member testing period. Urgent changes may be on an ad hoc basis.


Member test environment matrix 

 All dates are subject to final confirmation


Date Uploaded Document
25 August 2020  Post Trade Transparency Interface Specification v0.5
19 October 2017 Commodity Positions Reports Interface Specification v1.1
13 December 2017
ITS Position Reporting Schema 2.1.0
03 October 2017
LME FIX Examples v1.1
19 October 2017
LME Clear Clearing Member Reports Overview v1.13
28 November 2017
LME Clear Data File Specification v1.24
28 November 2017
LME Clear FIX Specification v1.20
23 August 2017
LME Clear Futures, Options and TAPOs Interface and Operational Procedure v3.0
23 August 2017
LME Clear Gross OSA Interface and Operational Procedure for Allocation Process v2.0
11 August 2017
LMEmercury R5 Report and Data File Changes Summary Document Members and ISVs v1.0
07 December 2017 LMEselect 9.2 FIX Specification v1.5
07 December 2017 LMEsmart FIX API Member Guide v2.17
 23 November 2017 LMEsmart Member GUI Guide v2.1
19 November 2017
Personal Identifiable Information File (PII) Interface Specification v2.2
21 September 2017  Personal Identifiable Information File (PII) Schema
18 October 2017 Position Reporting Guide v1.2
29 September 2017 Post Trade Transparency Interface Specification v0.3
19 March 2019
Tradeable Instrument File (TIF) Specification v1.11
02 October 2017
Tradeable Instrument File (TIF) EOD 021017
16 November 2017
Universal Data Gateway (UDG) Interface Specification v2.3
13 December 2017  UDG Example File Submission
13 December 2017  UDG Example File Submission
13 December 2017  UDG Example File Submission

System Status

  • LMEsmart Upgrade - Please see the attached release note for the latest release including known issues. 

Last updated 20/11/17.


Known issues

Known issues will be updated on a regular basis. 

Last updated 15/11/17.

 1. Members/ISV's in Member Test A may get a validation error when populating the non-mandatory Complex Compt ID field.  We are investigating this issue.
 2. The data used in TIF files in Member Test A, although production like, is test data from another environment and may not be complete.
 3. LMEsmart - Error messages in the GUI may not be aligned correctly when using Internet Explorer.  There are no issues with Chrome.
 4. LMEselect - The carry value being displayed in the LMEselect GUI application for the last day of the Cash-to-3M period is incorrectly showing $0.00 for all metals.  The issue is understood to relate to the value being calculated by the core system rather than an issue with GUI application itself.  This is under investigation.
 5. UDG PII - In the response file (outbound to member) record level rejection status will be missing. XML tag ‘Sts’ will be missing under ‘RcrdSts’.
 6. UDG PII - Incorrect response when duplicate records are submitted. Messages are incorrectly accepted.
 7. UDG PII - First name, Surname and DOB should be mandatory for identifier type C,P,N, however, this is incorrectly passing validation.
 8. UDG PII - Incorrect error code when Short code is submitted with more than 8 integers. Multiple error codes (including PII-017)  in response file.
 9. UDG PII - Incorrect error code for invalid Long code. Additional error code (PII-005) is send in the response file.
 10. UDG Position Reporting - When providing a value for DeltaPstnQty for a FUTR position record (this field is needed only for OPTN position) , UDG does not reject the file as expected.
 11. UDG Position Reporting - File level status is returning PART (instead of RJCT) if all the record level status are in RJCT status.
 12. When testing Position Reporting - if the name of the submitted XML file does not match the naming convention, a response (feedback file) will not currently be received.



System FAQs are available below and will be updated on a regular basis.

Last updated 24/11/17.


Version upgrade queries should be directed as follows:

  • LMEmercury/LMEwireEmail or call the LME Relationship Management team on +44(0) 20 7113 8983
  • UDGEmail or call the Market Surveillance team on +44 (0) 20 7113 8203
  • LMEselect –  Email or call the Trading Operations team on +44 (0) 20 7113 8200
  • LMEsmartEmail or call the Post Trade Operations on +44 (0) 20 7113 8201
  • new issues and queries relating to member testing only should be directed to the MiFID II testing team.

New issue process:

  • members/ISVs/Vendors should always check this MiFID II Member Test page before raising issues. Latest environment availability, documentation, known issues/FAQs and further important updates are to be found here and the webpage will be updated as necessary
  • new issues should be raised via email
  • a TOPDesk ticket will be raised and a reference provided
  • issues will be allocated to the appropriate team queues
  • outstanding issues to be reviewed daily at 08:30
  • members/ISVs/Vendors to be notified of progress if resolution is expected to be longer than 48 hours
  • wider affecting issues will be published as ‘known issues’ on this page
  • members/ISVs/Vendors to be kept updated and notified of resolution.

Contact us

For a full list of contact details, please refer to the contact us tab above.