Key compliance notices

The LME has published the key member notices that contain detailed rules in relation to regulatory and compliance matters. These notices should be considered in conjunction with the LME rulebook.

The full database of member notices is available online via Lexis Nexis.



Rules Powers & Functions

Ref Notice Title
17/214 Introduction of Accountability Levels and Position Limits for LMEprecious Contracts
17/116 Decision Notice - Consultation on proposed amendments to the LME Rulebook and Matching Rules
17/116 Appendix I - Table of feedback and responses
17/116 Appendix II - LME Rulebook (redline against the version appended to the Consultation Notice)
17/116 Appendix III - LME Rulebook (clean version)
17/116 Appendix IV - Matching Rules (redline against the version appended to the Consultation Notice)
17/116 Appendix V - Matching Rules (clean version)
Decision Notice - Consultation on Proposed Automatic Penalty Charges Rent Unpaid Warrants
16/166 : R066 Introduction of Accountability Levels for LME Contracts
16/166 : R066 Appendix 1 - Summary of Feedback and Responses
16/166 : R066 Appendix 2 - Accountability Levels - Marked-Up
16/166 : R066 Appendix 3 - Accountability Levels - Clean
16/094 : A094 : W034 Disciplinary Procedures Handbook - Minor Amendments
16/094 : A094 : W034 Appendix A - Disciplinary Procedures Handbook 2016
16/094 : A094 : W034 Appendix B - Mark-up Disciplinary Procedures Handbook
16/007 : A007 Introduction of a Revised Member Audit Programme
16/006 : A006 LME Enforcement Process - Guidance for Members on Indicative Financial Penalties
15/334 : R007 Position Limits for Premium Aluminium Contracts
15/288 : A280 Rules Powers Functions of Head of Market Operations
00/383 : A376 : R010
Rules on LME Give Ups
00/383 : A376 : R010
00 383 A376 R010 Attachment


Incentive programmes

Ref Notice Title
17/273  Continuation of liquidity provider and new market participant programmes
17/254 LME Ferrous Market Making Programmes - New Tender Process
Additional Prompt dates to enhance averaging strategies
16/183 : A177 Electronic Third Wednesday Trader Programme
15/254 : A248 Introduction of Liquidity Provider and New Market Participant Programmes
15/264 : A257 Introduction of LME Market Marking Programmes


Lending Rules

Ref Notice Title
11/293 : A286: R008 Explanation of Metal Lending Guidance
01/122 : A122 01 122 A122 Concentration of Warrant Holdings


Reporting and publication of information

Ref Notice Title
14/202 : A195 : W098
Information barriers between Warehouse Companies and Trading Companies
14/171 : A167
Commitments of traders report Consultation results and classification process
09/231 : R004 Daily Position and Other Reporting
98/090 : R006 Reporting of Open Interest on the LME


Trading, matching, registration and clearing

Ref Notice Title
17/218 Amendment to the Metal Close Out Schedule During the Second Kerb Session
Decision notice - Consultation on Amending the Ring Dealing Regulations to Strengthen and Enhance Trading on the Ring
Appendix 1 - Summary of Feedback and Responses
Consolidated Notice for Traded Options Procedures
A guide to the structure market terminology and order execution of the LME
17/184 Update to Category 4 Membership Model Trade Registration Requirements
17/127 LMEsmart - Introduction of Dynamic Price Banding
Decision Notice – Consultation on Business Continuity Plans for LME Metal Futures and Aluminium Premium Contracts
Clarification to Introducing Broker Arrangements for the LME
03/304 : A303 Omnibus Accounts and LME Clients


Ring Disciplinary Code

Ref Notice Title
16 120 R004 Code of Conduct for Access to the LME Premises


Access to Audio and Video Tapes

Ref Notice Title
14/055 : A053 Access to Audio and Video Recordings


LMEselect & LMEsmart Price Banding Limits

Notice Title
LMEselect & LMEsmart Price Banding Limits 
LMEselect NCR Values 



Ref Notice Title
17/050 Introduction of Dynamic Price Banding Limits
16/045 : R002 Revision to the Error Trade Policy Introduction of Price Adjustments
15/060 : A060 Amendment to LMEselect order to trade ratio policy
14/358 : A349 Amendment to LMEselect outright tick sizes
11/107 : A103 Implementation of Throttling Policy on LMEselect
09/352 : A344 Distribution of LMEselect Data
09/346 : R009 User Identification in LMEselect-Confirmation


Complaints procedures

Ref Notice Title
16/358 : A351
LME Complaints Commissioner
16/358 : A351 Complaints Procedure
15/289 : A281 LME Complaints Officer


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