Diversity and inclusion

We believe that diversity and inclusion are critical to business success and we are committed to attracting, supporting and promoting a workforce that represents the diverse communities in which we operate. We pride ourselves on respectful working partnerships that are intrinsic to how we do business with our members and clients, and how we interact with our colleagues.


The LME is committed to creating an inclusive, supportive and open environment for all of its employees. Our forum, sponsored by our LME Clear CEO, aims to drive forward initiatives to recruit, develop and engage employees from the greatest possible pool of available talent in order to ensure that our business can benefit from a cross-section of experience, ideas and knowledge. Our employee-led diversity and inclusion programme is aimed specifically at ensuring that all employees are able to thrive at the LME.

stonewall diversity champion

We are proud to be recognised as Stonewall Diversity Champions, which means all our LGBTQ+ staff are accepted without exception in our workplace.

Employee networks

To ensure we are hearing everyone's voice and to make people aware of the different perspectives we have at the LME, we have three employee networks that are employee-led. These groups currently focus on gender diversity, race and ethnicity, and sexual orientation and gender identity.

LME gender pay gap report

Under UK legislation, companies with more than 250 employees are required to report on gender pay information. For the past two years, the LME did not fall within this category, but nonetheless chose to publish its gender pay report in line with its wider commitment to gender equality and inclusion. This year, with over 250 employees, we are obliged to publish, and pleased to do so, as the LME believes that the transparency created through gender pay gap reporting is a critical tool in understanding, managing and addressing perpetuating gender equality issues.

LME Gender Pay Gap Report - 2019 (published March 2020)

LME Gender Pay Gap Report - 2018 (published April 2019)

LME Gender Pay Gap Report - 2017 (published March 2018)

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