Responsible Sourcing – LME consultation

The LME has launched a consultation on the proposed introduction of responsible sourcing standards across all LME-listed brands. These rules would implement standards which are consistent with, or build upon, the OECD Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas, using the following framework:

LME proposed framework consultation
Overview documents

For an introduction to the LME's proposals on responsible sourcing, please see the following links:

  • LME responsible sourcing factsheet: a two-page summary of the LME's proposals

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Consultation documents

The LME consultation on responsible sourcing and all associated appendices can be found here.

For ease of reference, these appendices are as follows:

This consultation closes on 30 June 2019, and we encourage feedback from all stakeholders on this important topic.


Position paper on responsible sourcing

In October 2018, the LME launched its position paper on responsible sourcing, which laid out the LME's proposed route forward for responsible sourcing in order to receive market feedback and ensure that its proposals were meaningful, balanced and fair.

The consultation launched in April 2019 builds on the strong market engagement process initiated with the publication of the position paper, and reflects the broad range of feedback which we received. The LME's analysis of this feedback can be found in its feedback analysis report.