In-person Training

We are proud to be able to offer the wider metals and financial communities the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the LME and metals markets, with a variety of in-person training options to suit your needs.

Broadly speaking we offer two types of training: Public courses and bespoke in-house training.

Public courses

Our programme of introductory to advanced level courses is delivered globally in conjunction with Euromoney Learning Solutions.

The introductory level courses are made up of up to three separately bookable modules; beginning with an introduction to the LME and extending to an in-depth look into hedging strategies and futures and options contracts.

By attending an LME introductory course, you will extend your knowledge of the key services provided by the LME, understand how the market operates, and demonstrate how these services can improve your organisation’s approach to price-risk management.

Course content
Courses range from introductory level to more advanced courses on market analysis, managing price risk and hedging strategies.

Course calendar
We partner with Euromoney Learning Solutions to deliver these courses.

Bespoke training

We work with a number of firms across the entire metals value chain and trading community to design and deliver tailored training solutions. 

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28 May,11.00 (BST) 

The London Metal Exchange (LME) and Euromoney Learning have launched a brand new webinar series to offer you a free taster on some of the themes and topics covered in our introductory courses run globally throughout the year. 

The first in the series will be hosted by Emma Jenkins who will be exploring the Fundamentals of hedging on the LME. Emma teaches our 3-day introductory courses and will be touching on the topics discussed in these courses during the webinar. She will introduce the concept of hedging, give an example and explain how to use LME futures contracts to hedge and enhance your business. 

We will finish the webinar with a q and a session to cover or expand on any points of interest you may have.

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