The Fundamentals of Hedging on the LME

The London Metal Exchange (LME) and Euromoney Learning have launched a brand new webinar series. To kick off, we’ll be looking at the fundamentals of hedging your metals price risk on the LME.

Using futures to stabilise profit margins

The third webinar in the series will look in more detail at how to use futures to stabilise profit margins and will help you understand how you can use futures contracts to stabilise them.

Managing metal price risk with futures

The second webinar in the series will look in more detail at how to manage metals price risk by hedging with futures and will introduce fixed and floating payments. We will then work through an example.

lme price      references

Do you know the difference between official and unofficial prices? LME price references are used industry wide and this webinar explains how price references are determined and what they are used for.

Introduction to carries

This webinar looks at what carries are and how best to use them. We’ll explain how the forward curve impacts profit or loss arising from a carry trade, and give an example of adjusting dates with carries.

more uses of carries

The next webinar in the series will delve deeper into uses for carry trades, showing how they can lock in the shape of the forward curve and help manage price risks that fall on less liquid prompt dates. Taking place on Tuesday 31 March at 11.00 GMT.

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