LME Discussion Paper on Market Structure - Webinars

The LME’s latest discussion paper, released on 19 January 2021, sets out a range of proposals designed to enable the LME to modernise and adapt to emerging trends and evolving customer needs to create a metals market fit for the future.

Our video and webinar series provide an overview and explanation of the topics included in the discussion paper, and answer key questions. 

The feedback period is now closed and we aim to provide details of next steps by the end of Q2 2021.

Nickel  LME Strategic Pathway Overview Video

In this overview video, LME Chief Executive Matthew Chamberlain provides an overview of the topics and proposed changes included in the discussion paper, and a summary of the discussion process. 

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LME Discussion Paper Q&A: The Ring and Reference Pricing

In this webinar we provide a brief overview of our key proposals – including the closure of the Ring and transition to an electronic pricing structure. We discuss the rationale behind these proposals as well as the benefits and challenges they may bring, and we answer any questions you might have about what they may mean for the market.

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LME Discussion Paper Q&A: Enhancing Liquidity 

This webinar considers the proposed methods outlined in the discussion paper for enhancing liquidity on the central electronic order book while maintaining the date structure and preserving the LME client servicing model. As well as the rebalancing of fees we discuss the "enhanced transparency cross" and the associated benefits and challenges of this and other proposals. We answer any questions you might have about what these proposals may mean for the market.

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LME Discussion Paper Q&A: Margin Methodology 

This webinar provides an overview of the margin methodology proposals and what impact a change to this methodology may have on the LME market. We will be looking both at the key potential benefits of switching from our current contingent variation margin (CVM) methodology to a realised variation margin (RVM) methodology for base metal contracts – such as greater standardisation and reduced regulatory costs – as well as the main drawbacks – such as the possible impact on the provision of client credit.

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LME Discussion Paper Q&A: Market Conduct 

This webinar addresses the topic of market conduct in the context of market structure and the current regulatory landscape. We look at the main areas considered in the paper including stocks and the physical movement of metal. We answer any questions you might have about this topic and what our proposals may mean for the market.

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