Responsible sourcing webinars

Our responsible sourcing webinar series is designed to give LME-listed brands and stakeholders in the metals supply chain a more in-depth understanding of the LME’s requirements. Over the coming weeks, the LME team and industry experts will explain the various aspects of responsible sourcing and offer practical advice on how to achieve compliance.

 LME responsible sourcing LME Responsible Sourcing: Understanding Audit and Management Systems
The fourth webinar in the responsible sourcing series offers further insight into management systems, the alignment assessment and the audit required for track B.
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LME responsible sourcing - tracks to compliance
LME Responsible Sourcing: Tracks to Compliance
Our team examined the three tracks – A, B and C - through which a brand can achieve LME compliance, together with the LME Red Flag Assessment and how to complete it.
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Introduction to responsible sourcing - part two
Introduction to LME Responsible Sourcing - part two
The second in our series continues to introduce the fundamentals of the LME responsible sourcing requirements, focusing on timelines and some frequently asked questions.
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Introduction to LME responsible sourcing Introduction to LME Responsible Sourcing - part one
What are the LME responsible sourcing requirements? Why are they being introduced? What do LME brands need to do, and what does the rest of the industry need to know? The first in our responsible sourcing series introduces the requirements for LME-listed brands.
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