Application pack

Onboarding a new Clearing Member is likely to take around 4 months to allow for documentation, operational and financial requirements. Any timings presented are approximate and dependant on available resources at the prospective Member to complete onboarding in the best possible timeframe.

Prospective Members should

  • Assign an internal project manager
  • Determine which testing phases they will be participating in
  • Obtain resources – operations, IT, risk, credit, legal, compliance
  • Confirm account structure required
  • Engage vendors (if utilised)
  • Confirm any internal approvals required 

A full copy of the Membership Application Pack is available below

Please fill in the following Clearing Application Forms to become a New Member.

Please note that the Applicant Documents are in template format and will be treated as confidential once populated and sent to your Relationship Manager.


Optional Agreements

It is recommended that Adobe Acrobat (version 9) or later is required to view these documents.

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