Historical data

The London Metal Exchange has historical LME prices and other data for all contracts traded on the Exchange available for purchase. This data is available for research and market analysis.

How do I purchase Historical Data?

Register on the LME Portal if you would like to purchase historical data, and then navigate to Data Services to complete your data order.

What data is available?

You can purchase the following historical data sets:

Historical Data Reports
Standard Historical Data Reports
$72 (USD)*
Premium Historical Data Reports
$425 (USD)
LME Official and Settlement Prices (PDF)  LME Closing Prices (PDF)
LME Volumes (Turnover) (PDF) LME Market Open Interest (PDF)
LME Unofficial Prices (PDF)
LME Open High Low Close (PDF)
LME Volumes (Currency) (PDF)
LME Options Volatilities (PDF)
LME Warehouse Stock Movements (PDF)
Priority Access reports $240 (USD, pro rota) **
LME Exchange Open Interest (PDF)
LME Off-Warrant Stock Report (PDF)
LME Futures Banding Report (PDF)

LME Monthly Average Prices (PDF)

LME Warrant Bandings Report (PDF)

* Historical Data Reports are priced per LME contract, per year per report type. In any one purchase, the first five Standard Historical Data Reports cost $72, with any subsequent Standard Historical Data Reports thereafter costing $46 per report.

** Off-Warrant Stock Reports are available with priority access for $240 per annum pro-rata i.e. purchasing access to the January report will cost $240, whilst purchasing in June for access to the May report would cost $160. The reports will be uploaded on the 20th day of each month (or the first UK business day after the 20th) at 5pm for the previous month, i.e. the report for 30 June will be published on 20 July.

Current Calendar Year

The LME provides free data from the start of this year.

This data is available on a next day delayed basis from the website for:

Regular reports are also published in excel format for the previous month.

View reports for:

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