Market data licensing

The London Metal Exchange licenses LME and LBMA data for a variety of uses above and beyond limited internal business use.

Data distribution
Licence permitting the inclusion of LME data in products and services for distribution to third parties. Options available for real-time, 30 minute delayed, next day and historical distribution.

Derived data
Licence permitting the creation of derived information (such as an index) using LME data as an input.
 LME abstract metal Non-display
Licence permitting the use of LME Data other than in support of its’ display or distribution, including accessing, processing, or consumption of Data in this way.

Licence permitting the use of LME data for valuation and pricing activities that do not constitute Non-Display Use, or as a reference in transactions.

Natural User Policy
Commercial information regarding the use and distribution of the LME’s transparency data.

Wallboard & media
Licence permitting the display of LME data either on a wallboard (restricted access) or in a public environment which may include websites and television broadcasts.

Structured Products
Licence covering the use of LME Data in structured financial transactions which fulfil specific criteria. Available for Booking Fee Participants under the Financial OTC Booking Fee Policy.

Licence permitting the use of LME data for the trading/clearing of financial contracts where LME data is the underlying reference.

New Fixed Fee Programme
The Fixed Fee Programme is the LME’s new market data licensing and data feed package, allowing the easy distribution of one minute delayed, snapshot top-of-book LME data. Register your interest now, ahead of the launch in 2020.

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