Usage Licence

What is a Usage Licence? 

A licence is required by any firm that uses LME or London Bullion Market Association Platinum and Palladium (LBMA PGM) data or trademark(s) for either of the following uses, other than for limited internal business use:
    a. for valuation and/or pricing activities; and/or
    b. as a reference price in transactions.

Who is it for? 

Example uses of data include (but are not limited to):

  • Use as a reference in:
    • financial swaps
    • physical supply or sales contracts
    • bi-lateral OTC contracts
  • Valuations of funds, holdings, inventories and pricing curves

Firms may be exempt from the policy, subject to a fee waiver, or subject to the Financial OTC Booking Fee Policy for certain OTC transactions.

How to apply:

Access the Online Licensing Portal and begin your application.


LME Usage Licence Fees (effective 2019)

   Annual Licence Fees (USD)
Licensee Standard Licence* Premium Licence**
 LME Member (Category 1-5)  Fee waived  Fee waived
 LME Client  Fee waived 5,000
 LPP Member Participant*** 3,500 8,500 
 Physical Participant Fee waived Fee waived
 Other 3,500  8,500


The following firms are exempt from the LME Usage Licence:

  • Firms with a limited use of the data ( <$10m annual notional)
  • Firms solely receiving contracts
  • Firms using the data internally.

 LBMA PGM Usage Licence Fees (effective 2019)

Annual Licence Fees (USD)
Licensee Standard Licence* Premium Licence**
LME Member (Category 1-5) 2,500 5,000
LME Client 2,500 5,000
LPP Member Participant*** Fee waived Fee waived
Physical Participant 2,500 5,000
Other 2,500 5,000


* Standard – includes the firm and up to five Affiliates

** Premium – includes the firm and unlimited Affiliates

***LPP Member Participant - as defined in Section 3 of the LPP Price Regulations.


For more information on the waivers and exemptions, please refer to the FAQs (PDF).



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