Financial OTC Booking Fee – consultation

As part of the LME Strategic Pathway the LME sought the views of all interested parties on the introduction of (i) an over-the-counter (OTC) booking fee for financial participants, and (ii) certain changes to the LME rules to clarify the extent to which LME data and facilities may be used for non-LME business and to protect the integrity of the LME’s data and trading venues more broadly.

The “Financial OTC Booking Fee” is intended to rebalance the current fee disparity between the fees paid by members servicing their clients with an LME client contract and those servicing their clients with an OTC contract based on LME prices at a substantially reduced fee.

The proposals were subject to a consultation, which ran from 22 November 2017 to 12 January 2018. This page contains all the information which formed part of that consultation.

For more information about the outcome of this consultation, including the introduction of the Financial OTC Booking Fee and all relevant documents and registration details, please visit the Financial OTC Booking Fee page.

Consultation documentation